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PODCAST produced & hosted by Felipe Tristan

EPISODE 18 - Guests: CEO of Victoria Records & GRAMMY-Nominated Artist, Victoria Kühne, and BSO's Principal Flutist Jenn Forese. Recorded remotely from Monterrey, Mexico.

EPISODE 17 - Guests: BSO Board President Alex Kale and new BSO violinist, Andrew Westling. 

EPISODE 15 - Guests: Violinist Stephanie Chase and co-principal horn Juvenal Santiago. 

EPISODE 16 - Guests: BSO Treasurer & Violinist Stephen Painter and principal trombone Michael Ottaviano. 

EPISODE 14 - Guests: Co-concertmaster Carlos Camposeco & principal timpanist David Cox. 

EPISODE 13 - Guests: BSO co-president Nishan Bhaumik and flutist Stacey Wallace. 

EPISODE 11 - Guests: Artistic Director Nicholas Armstrong and BSO co-president and principal second violinist, Sarah Richards. 

EPISODE 9 - Guests: conductor David Bernard and BSO concertmaster, Hannah Finkelberg. 

EPISODE 7 - Guests: Andrew Cooper, principal horn player of the BSO, and Felipe Tristan, Assistant Conductor talks about rehearsing Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet.

EPISODE 12 - Guests: Saxophone soloist Thomas Giles and BSO Principal Bass Trombonist, Jeremy Kempton. 

EPISODE 10 - Guests: cellist Cynthia Racine and BSO violinist and Podcast producer, Dana Villarreal. 

EPISODE 8 - Guests: BSO Artistic Director Nick Armstrong and principal flutist of the BSO, Steven Belenko.

EPISODE 6 - Guests: BSO Board President Kate Stocker and viola soloist, Hsin-Yun Huang.​

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